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Stress hardiness is the goal of Serenity Center

Serenity Center is a holistic wellness center in Centerville, OH, incorporating massage therapy, Reiki, and holistic stress management techniques. Serenity Center was founded by Edie Jardieu, PhD, LMT, as a resource center to help you explore the various methods available to deal with the stress in your life.

We human beings are remarkably adaptable. We've gotten used to the little everyday hassles and accept them as a part of our lives. But just because we've adapted to them doesn't mean they can't hurt us.

Stress directly affects the nervous and endocrine (hormone) systems. Over time the effects of stress accumulate and can impair the functioning of all body systems. Stress cannot be eliminated, but it can be managed to reduce some of the adverse effects of long-term stress.

Each person, depending on his individual stress type, can learn to change his response to stress. Each person can learn to be more "stress hardy."

The best time to learn stress management techniques is before they are needed. This gives you a choice of tools to use as required. Serenity Center offers therapeutic massage, Reiki, and stress management workshops and educational material.

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