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Creature Comforts

Extend the benefits of your massage!

Your surroundings affect your moods. Sights, sounds and aromas can make a difference in how you feel. The way you see and treat the world is reflected back in how the world sees and treats you! It's easy to add a few stress-reducing elements to your home or office.

Many of you have told us how much you like the Olbas products we use at Serenity Center. Olbas and A-B Calm products are available for your home use.

The music you hear at Serenity Center is from Soundings of the Planet. This special music has "ERF" (Earth Resonance Frequency) which makes it especially relaxing. Music from Soundings of the Planet is recommended by Massage magazine and is played in many spas across the country. Please contact Serenity Center for pricing and availability of specific CD titles.

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